Discussing Aesthetics in The Trans-African Project - Invisible Borders

If there is anything like contemporary African art, it is those creations that are cognisant of this element of spontaneity and improvisation, which tends to work with, and draw from it the possibility of alternative forms and aesthetics. Therefore “being African” is to blur the lines between possible and impossible rendering the very state of “being” indefinable.

© Emeka Okereke. La Nouvelle Expression, Doulala, Cameroon (Invisible Borders, 2012).

Excerpt from photographer and Invisible Borders founder Emeka Okereke’s discussing aesthetics in The Trans-African Project and their current Indiegogo fundraising campaign which ends on April 23, 2013.

Source | anotherafrica.net


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Another Africa x Vestoj | Sartorial Meditations No. 4 | Positive & Negative

‘I’m not interested in rules, or whether they are there or not. I do not consciously set out to break rules. I only make clothes that I myself feel are beautiful or good-looking. People maybe say that this way of feeling is against the rules.’ – Rei Kawakubo

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Another Africa x Vestoj | Sartorial Meditations No. 3 | The Lengths

‘The most courageous act is still to think for yourself aloud.’ – Coco Chanel

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Another Africa x Vestoj | Sartorial Meditations No. 1 | In All Seriousness

Our latest, a collaboration with Vestoj, The Journal of Sartorial Matters.

A look at fashion, what informs change, design and codes of dress. In this four part series, 'Sartorial Meditations', the first begins with a famous quote by celebrated industrial and interior designer Charles Eames.

"Take your pleasure seriously"

Though the phrase ‘good fashion’ is ostensibly problematic, as we each have our own subjective ideas of what looks good, is deemed appropriate, and innovative - in this series we try to look at the codes and forces at play in ground breaking sartorial development.

From looking at how silhouette and balance are key directives in design, to playing with the absurd to defy convention. For instance when Elsa Schiaparelli joined forces with Salvador Dali to create her surrealist interpretation the Shoe Hat, both absurd yet also governed by silhouette. This piece of fashion, challenged ideas on what could indeed become a piece of refined millinery. To play with the absurd, defying convention sometimes results in innovation though it is often only recognized with the passage of time. The creative spirit to see and make new ways of dress comes with unsuccessful attempts. We can hardly forget when Naomi Campbell took a tumble on the catwalk whilst stalking the runway in a pair of hyperbolic Vivienne Westwood heels back in 1993. Which ever way we see it, humor, can enlighten and liberate the act of fashion[ing] and design and so Eames words ring brighter and true, that the meditation that lingers through this montage bridges pleasure and seriousness.

To see the full montage, and learn more about the codes and notions at play - visit VESTOJ.COM

With many thanks to Vestoj Founder & Editor-in-Chief, Anja Aronowsky Cronberg & Web Editor Laura Garder for this opportunity to collaborate.
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Antoine Schneck | A Hyper-reality of Burkinabé Portraiture

French photographer Antoine Schneck stands tall in the flooded world of portraiture with his use of incredibly high detailed imagery on vacant black backgrounds. With all other distractions removed it enables a visual examination of his subjects and a further venture into who the person is that is being photographed.  A look at his portrait series shot in Burkina Faso along with insights and an interview with the photographer.

Source | anotherafrica.net

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The Treasures of Accra’s Growing Art Scene

In Accra there is a perception that art is only for the moneyed classes or people from abroad, but Swaniker hopes that having the cafe in Bubiashie, a community of working people, will inspire and change mindsets.

“I think what is happening in Accra right now is incredibly exciting,” says Nana Oforiatta Ayim, founder of the cultural research platform ANO.

Source | anotherafrica.net

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Mehdi Sefrioui | Handing a Pink Slip to Fashion’s Black List

Moroccan photographer Mehdi Sefrioui debuts his photographic fashion editorial on Another Africa celebrating the black body, black men and mens’ fashion. A homage to his another Africa, where equality, beauty and agency co-exist. View more images on anotherafrica.net .

Source | anotherafrica.net

All images courtesy of the artist. All rights reserved.

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Antoine Tempé | Portraits of Contemporary African Dancers

Photographer Antoine Tempé masterfully wields a camera and captures his subjects, luminaries of contemporary dance from Africa, with beautiful kinetic energy.

Source | anotherafrica.net

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Shades of Swagger # 87 | Owning the portrait. The final image in this series. Stay tuned for our next series.

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Shades of Swagger # 86 | Undercover, Man in Niger. Photo by Georg Gerster for National Geographic, 1979

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Shades of Swagger # 85 | Solid Gold

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